The Ministry

In the late 1800's German immigrants settled in the area of Summit County just south of Hayne Road. This area became the home of several grist and saw mills on the Tuscarawas River, and was known as Millheim, or 'home of the mill' when translated to English.

The Millheim Baptist Church was born on June 17, 1945 when the remnant of the Millheim Community Church congregation officially adopted the new name. In October of 1945, Reverend George Reimer came to pastor the church, which then had 15 members   

Reverend George Reimer was the first pastor. He served for only eight months.

Reverend Elijah Benningfield, from Kentucky, served for 36 years, and retired in 1982.

Reverend Harold Hayes, from North Carolina, came to Millheim in April 1974 as choir director and as an assistant to the pastor. He became pastor in March 1982, and served until the end of 1993.

Reverend Kim Lawrence, who grew up in Millheim Baptist Church, in 1986 became the assistant pastor and began ministering to the young people of the church. On May 15, 1994, Reverend Lawrence became the fourth pastor of Millheim Baptist Church.


1939 Lot purchased, basement built

June 17, 1945 Name became Millheim Baptist Church

October 1945 Reverend George Reimer became pastor

July 2, 1946 Reverend Elijah Benningfield became pastor

1947 First building built at rear of basement

1948-1949 First sanctuary built above basement

1951 First real church pews are installed

March 3, 1953 Church becomes a legal corporation

1953 Front addition -- first restrooms

1959 Olah property bought -- house and land

1959-1960 Education wing built – Sunday School rooms

1968-1969 Large sanctuary is built

1973-1974 Gymnasium/bus garage is built

Dec. 23, 1983 Mortgage is paid off

March 1982 Reverend Benningfield retired

March 1982 Reverend Harold Hayes became pastor

1986 Reverend Kim Lawrence became Asst. Pastor

May 15, 1994 Reverend Kim Lawrence became pastor