Missions We Support Locally & Globally

Millheim Baptist is committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ locally and throughout the whole world and we partner with ministries that share those values.  The following ministries are currently supported by Millheim Baptist and we encourage you to help support these ministries through our Give page.

Broken Chains Ministry

Our Clients are Your Neighbors

Since 2004, we've been helping people successfully return from incarceration to a purpose-driven life as contributing members of our community through our 501 (c)(3)  nonprofit organization.

Restorative Justice

Our ministry is based on Restorative Justice: a collaborative relationship with the judicial system that supports our clients through restoration of identity, faith, work, health, relationships and hope.  Broken Chains Ministry provides a multilevel mentoring experience for every client that includes each of the key elements of Restorative Justice.

Key Elements of Restorative Justice

  • Mentoring
  • Advocacy
  • Identity Restoration
  • Faith Centered Programs
  • Work Force Development

Other Ministries We Support

Haven of Rest Ministries 

Haven of Rest Ministries help the hungry and homeless by providing complete meals, shelter, clothing, life-changing programs and Christian counseling.  

Overseas Missionaries

Andres Amoros - Dominican Republic

Bill Brouwer - Tanzania

Eric Chapman - Moldova/Malawi

Ken Chapman - Australia

Dan Freeman - China

Mark Palmani - Philippines

Ricky Salmon - Thailand

Don Thatcher - Ireland

Steve Thornton - Argentina

Mark Ziegler - Malawi